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Update 429. 70004 on 6M61 at Wolverhampton, 16/03/11

On my way to Shrewsbury to see Britannia, I remembered there was a coal train due through Wolverhampton in the early afternoon. This could be a Class 70, so I waited – and it was. It was checked by a red signal, so I had time to walk in front of it & take more photos. Also seen is the Pendolino with the Virgin/Alstom livery, no. 390004.

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70004, complete with exhaust

70004 on 6M61 Portbury to Rugeley at Wolverhampton

Update 427. 34067 Tangmere at Widney Manor, 18/03/11

A light engine move from Carnforth to Southall, running via Tyseley, tempted me out today. It was running about 30 minutes late and was originally booked into Dorridge loop. After seeing it at Widney Manor, I caught the following DMU to Dorridge, but there was no sign of it there, so it must have continued south and was probably running to schedule.

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Approaching Widney Manor station

34067 Tangmere passing Widney Manor

Slideshow for my full-size images in main gallery

Since changing my web host I have more bandwidth available, so I have added Lightbox, which is a Coppermine plugin. This allows a slideshow of the larger images, which is more enjoyable to look at than the intermediate images, which of course are smaller and not so clear.

To try it, click on any of the intermediate images – this will then display that image at full size. Within the image you can click on the right-hand side to go forwards, or left-hand side to go backwards. To start the slideshow, click the “>” arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of the box.

At the moment, only the main gallery is set to run Lightbox, hopefully I will add it to the other – if there are no problems.

Hope you like it? NOTE, don’t forget the “F11” option to hide the toolbars at the top of the explorer screen, to give a larger picture area if your screen isn’t very big. Pressing F11 again will bring back the toolbars, well it works with my Firefox & Internet Explorer!

Update 425. 6100 Royal Scot & 246 Morayshire at Llangollen, 24/04/09

My photos sometimes disappear into a black hole, maybe to appear at a later date – as is the case with these photos taken nearly 2 years ago. It was my first sighting of 6100 and 246 in steam, the other locos photographed were  3440,  5199, 5526, 5643, 9017, 44801 (44806) & 1306. Also seen is a good selection of coaching stock in use.

It’s good to see some different locos for a change, especially the “Scot”, hope it will be running again soon. I don’t see much in the way of eastern locos, so “Morayshire” and the B1 were also of interest.

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44801 (44806) & 6100 seen below

44801(44806) & 6100 Royal Scot

The photos were taken during the Steel, Steam & Stars II event.

Update 424. 37682 & 37409 on 5Z47 at Tyseley, 10/03/11

Arrived at Tyseley about 15 minutes before this working was due, fortunately it wasn’t too early. Was pleasantly surprised to see 66139 on 6Z30 Westbury – Aldwarke a few minutes ahead of it – totally unexpected. About 3 minutes behind 5Z47 was 67013 on a training run with a WMSR set, that was another bonus. Not of any real interest, but two Class 150 units passing in sunlight added a bit of colour. Within 16 minutes of arriving at Tyseley I was on another DMU heading home, but managed a passing shot of my first 172 unit, 172331, in the yard at Tyseley.
The photos of 67013 can be seen in blog Update 423

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37682 & 37409 on 5Z47 at Tyseley

Update 423. 67013 with WSMR stock to Stourbridge, 10-11/03/11

I went to Tyseley to see a DRS working and wasn’t expecting to see this train. After it had passed by, I headed for the platform to catch the next train towards Birmingham, expecting to see the 67 at Moor Street or Snow Hill. No sign of it at either station, so stayed on my train towards Stourbridge. As we rounded the curve by the junction, the 67 was slowly moving north on the loop & I thought it was returning to Birmingham. Once off my train, I could see the 67 was in the headshunt and now reversing into the yard. I caught the next train home, but managed some photos through the window of the DMU.

I was told it would be departing from Stourbridge about 1pm the following day and headed to the station to see it. Expecting it to follow the stopping train, I was disappointed when a DMU appeared, but decided to wait a few more minutes and the 67 appeared soon after.

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Seen below passing through Old Hill.

Started on the SVR 2011 timetable for my mobile

Easy start, just March done so far for this year. As I said last year – not guaranteed to be 100% accurate but useful if you don’t have a printed timetable to hand & can’t access the official SVR site.

The rest of the little mobile site is also still there, but with a different link. It still has the same selection of photos from the SVR as last year, don’t know if it is of interest to people, but at least it’s something to look at when I’m bored on a train!

Timetable link

Mobile site link

Update 421. 60015, 47712 & 57009 at Kings Norton, 22/02/11

Travelling to Kings Norton and back is not my favourite journey, as I have to change trains twice on the outward journey and sometimes 3 times on the return journey. Still, that’s better than walking between stations in Birmingham.

It was worth it when I knew there was a chance to see a 60, 47 & 57 in the early afternoon. 60015 was first with 6E41, the empty tanks to Lindsey. It wasn’t too long to wait before 6Z50 appeared with the 2 DRS locos on the return run from Plymouth to Crewe.

Link to photos

Nice exhaust as 47712 accelerates towards the station