Daily Archives: March 11, 2011

Update 423. 67013 with WSMR stock to Stourbridge, 10-11/03/11

I went to Tyseley to see a DRS working and wasn’t expecting to see this train. After it had passed by, I headed for the platform to catch the next train towards Birmingham, expecting to see the 67 at Moor Street or Snow Hill. No sign of it at either station, so stayed on my train towards Stourbridge. As we rounded the curve by the junction, the 67 was slowly moving north on the loop & I thought it was returning to Birmingham. Once off my train, I could see the 67 was in the headshunt and now reversing into the yard. I caught the next train home, but managed some photos through the window of the DMU.

I was told it would be departing from Stourbridge about 1pm the following day and headed to the station to see it. Expecting it to follow the stopping train, I was disappointed when a DMU appeared, but decided to wait a few more minutes and the 67 appeared soon after.

Link to photos

Seen below passing through Old Hill.