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Update 434. 70006 on 6Z70 at Old Hill, 20/04/10

Some more “forgotten” photos from last year. I had received a message that a Class 70 had passed Kidderminster & was heading my way, grabbing my camera & legging it off up the road, I made it to the station before the train appeared in the distance. 70006 didn’t appear to be on form and most of the work was being done by 66527 at the rear of the train. Progress through the station was rather slow! Can’t remember how many weeks this working ran via Kidderminster, but it eventually went back to the old route via Hereford & Shrewsbury.

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70006 at Old Hill on 6Z70

I wonder what actually happened to fotopic.net?

Over the past week or so there has been much talk about fotopic and the loss of all the galleries that people have uploaded. For some reason I never set up a fotopic account, I think in the early years I was displaying photos within an ordinary web site, finally moving on to a Coppermine photo gallery. I can sympathise with people who can no longer access their galleries, knowing how long it takes to upload photos & add descriptions etc. Maybe all is not lost & it will come back online.

Staying on the subject of photos, going back a few years before the internet was so popular, most of the published photos were probably in books & magazines. Those same books are probably still in libraries or for sale new or second-hand in various places, same with magazines. Makes you wonder what will happen with all the digital photos that are taken these days, what will happen to them? Thinking about many of the transport photos I’ve taken with earlier digital cameras, and others I’ve seen on the internet, losing some of them would be no great loss!

Update 433. 47270 & 57601 on the Snowdonia Statesman, 10/07/10

Some more photos that were never uploaded. Yes, edited the day after they were taken, then forgotten about. It was the day of the DRS Open Day at Crewe, I was able to see this railtour pass through Old Hill before catching the train to Crewe. Then on the way home I saw the train pass through Stafford, and even managed to catch a train back to Old Hill to see the train a third time as it headed back to Swindon.

47270 hauled the train on the outward journey, 57601 on the return.

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47270 climbing towards Old Hill

47270 heading the Snowdonia Statesman towards Old Hill

Update 432. 2885 at Moor Street, plus other local trains. 18/03/11

These photos were taken the day I went to see Tangmere at Widney Manor. Mostly the usual DMUs but does include 66126 & 66066 on a coal train to Didcot power station. I had to change trains on the way home, so spent a few minutes at Moor Street photographing GWR 2-8-0 no. 2885. The paintwork is looking very faded now!

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