Daily Archives: June 11, 2013

Recent updates & videos!

Regular visitors will have noticed there have not been so many photo updates recently. As you will have seen from the previous 2 posts, I am learning how to take videos of trains!! Using the same camera for stills & videos, I sometimes forget to switch on the image stabiliser before filming – and the picture is a bit shaky. Youtube can improve some of the clips quite well, but not all of them, so please excuse some of the “mistakes”! Turning or “panning” as a train passes is not easy, as I usually have to shuffle my feet around to follow the train – otherwise I end up twisting my body & swaying about all over the place!

The sound of the blowing wind can be a bit of a nuisance, but after a few ruined videos I have now eliminated much of it by fixing a piece of foam over the microphones – the foam comes from those yellow washing up pads!!

I am filming at 1920×1080 – which is full HD (so the manual says) so the picture quality should be reasonably good. It does take a long time to upload, but I suppose broadband speeds will improve in the near future. Nothing worse than taking low quality videos & not being able to improve them. At least you can choose the quality you view at if you have a slow connection.

Once I get into a routine there should be more regular updates. Hope you enjoy the videos, makes a change to actually hear the trains & see them move.