Daily Archives: June 12, 2013

Update 771. 5643 enters service on the Severn Valley Railway, 09/06/13

Having arrived a few weeks ago, it worked its first train on this date, a 9 coach load which included the Venturer dining set. The first clip shows it leaving Arley on the way to Kidderminster, the second (and also third) on the return run as it heads for Bridgnorth.

Link to videos

EDIT – another clip has been included now, showing 5643 arriving at Arley on the return from Kidderminster. A bit of editing has improved my over-exposed shot.

Links to youtube videos will now be on separate pages

Viewing this blog on my smart phone, I got the impression that the youtube links were taking a long time to load on the “updates” page. I then decided to create new pages for each set of video links, hoping it would make the “updates” page load faster. The Stourbridge Junction update from last night has now been modified to link to a new page.

It can only be an improvement, just hope I don’t tie myself in knots!