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Video and photos 68008, 68025 and 68001 Stourbridge, 12/02/17

The Friday morning ecs working was too early for me but the Sunday evening return run from Coventry was at a time I could manage, although it was in the dark. I chose Stourbridge for the video as the downhill runs at Old Hill are rather uneventful and not too good in the dark. A Chiltern ecs set arrived just before the Belle was due, this meant the view from platform 2  would be blocked, but as you see in the video it did set back into the yard in plenty of time.

Link to YouTube video

Cropping images of a fast train from a video filmed in the dark doesn’t give great results, but here they are.

Stourbridge 12/02/17. 68008 reverses ecs into yard

Stourbridge 12/02/17. 68025 ecs Coventry – Kidderminster

Stourbridge 12/02/17. 68001 at rear of ecs Coventry – Kidderminster

Video and photos, 68025 and 68023 Old Hill, 09/02/17

The two Class 68s bring a Northern Belle coach from Crewe to the Severn Valley Railway, running as 5Z80 and will work the ecs the following morning from Kidderminster to Victoria. That leaves the SVR about 4am so I won’t be at the station to see that!

Link to YouTube video

Old Hill 09/02/17. 68025 and 68023, 5Z80 Crewe to Kidderminster SVR