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50035 Kidderminster, photo of video on lcd screen

Photo of 50035 taken from camcorder lcd screen. Bit of an experiment really, as I can upload a photo taken with my phone and I can transfer a photo taken with the camcorder but cannot crop a frame from it until I get home. Quality wise it is very poor, but to illustrate a video it is better than nothing when no other photo available.

Photo below:

Video – 66017, 43192 and 43063, also 08444. Bodmin Parkway 26/04/18

I think this is the final video from Cornwall. For KC’s fans, a few seconds of her at the very end, no buggy for her this time as it was only a short walk around the station. The 08 is seen stopping and starting quite a lot as various machinery etc had to be picked up before the train reversed to Bodmin General. There’s a big signalling “cabinet” for lack of a better word, which now spoils the view of the Bodmin Railway from part of the platform.

Video below:-

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Photo 33108 Kidderminster 12/05/18

I had filmed 33108 arriving but also got a shot of it running round. That’s 4 diesels in just over an hour and no steam.

Now I’m back home I can add an amusing story about the image below. I rarely use the camera on my cheap phone, and trying to get a shot of the 33 I did something wrong and it was filming instead of a single shot. The answer was to play back the video and grab a screen shot – all done “out and about”, leaving more time when at home to get the videos from today, and previous days, edited and uploaded.