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Message to subscribers

I think I’ve sorted out the plugin which notifies subscribers of new posts to the blog, so hepoefully you will receive this?

So far in 2020 I have made an effort to post every day, so if you haven’t checked recently – see what you might’ve missed!!

Towards the end of last year I thought I could’ve started the “on this day” photos post again, but the lack of spare time last year put me so far behind with everything. If I can catch up on what I didn’t do last year, then I will start it again.

Doing my best to make a blog post each day!!

It’s not easy getting back into a routine of posting in the blog. Everything for me these days seems to come from videos – it takes quite a while to edit and upload videos, then some “photos” need to be cropped from those videos to be added to one of my galleries. Finally the blog post, the recent ones I have done have a link to the video, a gallery page and some small images in the blog post. All very time consuming, oh, and mustn’t forget adding the event to the calendar – which is probably over a year out of date.

Then notifications to subscribers seemed to have stopped working recently. I updated a few plugins, perhaps that caused a problem. As I only have a few subscribers it doesn’t matter much though. I’ll post this and see if an email comes through to my test email address…

Photos and Video, 50007 and 50049, Smethwick GB 09/12/19 (old event)

The locos were used to move the barrier coaches from the SVR to Reading. Made a change to see them somewhere different, and in sunshine.

Link to YouTube video or link to photos in gallery.

Photos below suitable for mobile or tablet. Larger photos in gallery as above.

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