Update 722. Final day in steam for 42968, seen at Highley, 05/01/13

42968 is due a major overhaul and was working a special train between Bridgnorth & Highley. A good excuse to go to Highley and see it! Before catching a train at Kidderminster, I hesitated before taking photos of D2961, thinking the light would be better when we returned. Good job I took them, as the loco followed our train to Highley! We saw 42968 arrive with its single coach, after running round, it had to await the arrival of D2961 before being allowed out of the siding and returning to Bridgnorth. 5164 was on our train to Arley & 44871 on the return.

Link to photos

42968 at Highley, with D2961 arriving in the background.

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