Update 723. Final day of SVR trains before winter closure, 06/01/13

Over the next few weeks no service trains will run and essential maintenance work will be carried out. The Grotto coaches were due to be collected from Arley, using 50135 as the loco. Yet another excuse for a few hours out! 43106 was my loco to Arley, 44871 on the return, 1501 was on the Diner & 5164 on the other service train. Back at Kidderminster I wanted to get some photos of 44871, as it was returning to Bury the following day, so headed down to the footbridge to wait for it to depart. It was booked to cross with 50135 at Bewdley, so I didn’t have long to wait for the arrival of 50135. 12099 was shunting stock , also D3022 & D3201 were in action, so 8 locos seen operating in just 1 day.

Link to photos

44871 waiting to depart from Kidderminster

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