4566 video and photos, last day in service 02/01/17

It was November 28th 2006 when I photographed 4566 on running in turns around Bridgnorth and Hampton Loade, but just over 10 years later its time is up and it has been withdrawn from service. Today it was bitterly cold but the sun was shining and I went to film it on the climb from Bewdley to the tunnel. If you wish to see the video it’s here on Youtube. It sounded so good I started filming a minute or so before it came into view, so skip the beginning if you just want to watch it.

Or you can view photos from my gallery on November 28th 2006 when it was on running in turns from Bridgnorth.

Below are some images taken from the video today:-






4 thoughts on “4566 video and photos, last day in service 02/01/17

  1. Trevor Davies

    Good evening thanks for a splendid film of our loco 4566.I had the pleasure of driving 4566 on its last day along with the rostered crew. A splendid if bittersweet day and as a member of the owning group the realisation of another overhaul in the future if such scenes are to be repeated. Thanks to all members of our group who helped purchase 4566 all those years ago many who are no longer with us and as ever the S.V.Rly. Co. it’s staff ,management and members who have assisted 4566 with its preservation journey. Yours Trevor.

  2. David Langley

    Wow that was fantastic. Just tend to forget how good those smaller prairies are.
    Superb video and definitely the right choice to run from when it could first be heard.
    Thank you for putting that up to be seen.
    Loco a real credit to the owning group and the SVR
    Thanks again

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