Video – 37612 and 37610 Old Hill, 01/11/16. Also 68012 and “diverts”

Let’s start a “winter project”, to try and catch up with some of those missing blog posts that I can never find the time to post at other times of the year. I’m starting with November and some of the diverted trains when the line was closed at Bromsgrove for engineering work. The still images are taken from the videos and in the dark the quality of a moving train is not good, but acceptable in a video.

Old Hill 01/11/16. 37612 37610 6M67 Bridgwater – Crewe (click image for video)

The following four are all in one video, click any image for video:-

Old Hill 01/11/16. Voyager, 1S55 Plymouth – Edinburgh. Train 1 of 4 in video

Old Hill 01/11/16. Class 170, 1V14 Nottingham – Cardiff. Train 2 of 4 in video

Old Hill 01/11/16. Class 170, 1M73 Cardiff – Nottingham. Train 3 of 4 in video

Old Hill 01/11/16. 68012 1K45 London – Kidderminster. Train 4 of 4 in video

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