“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 3rd. 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2014

The oldest photo today is of 45110 at Highley in 2007, with no footbridge yet.  Then in 2009 86248 is hauled through Longbridge by 66725. On the narrow gauge, Taliesin at Porthmadog in 2011 and finally 60062 down the Junction in 2014.

7802 was also seen at Highley in 2007.

45110 Highley. 03/02/07.

86248 is being hauled from Long Marston – Crewe and at a later date exported to Hungary. Other photos at Longbridge.

86248 66725 Longbridge. 03/02/09. 0Z90 Long Marston – Crewe

A day trip to Wales for a ride on the Ffestiniog. A few more photos.

Taliesin at Porthmadog. 03/02/11

2014, back in the days when I could see a freight in the morning, 60062 heading to Round Oak, seen passing through Stourbridge.

60062 Stourbridge. 03/02/14. 6M81 Margam – Round Oak

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