“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 20th. 2002, 2010, 2012 & 2014.

Not a lot of choice on this date, 2002 has a Metro tram, then 7812 at Kidderminster in 2010, then Dorridge in 2012 for 31285 and finally 56078 at Old Hill in 2014.

I travelled to West Bromwich by tram in 2002 and no. 14 is seen at Lodge Road.

Metro Tram no. 14. 20/02/02. Lodge Road, West Bromwich

In 2010 there was a Classic Transport day at the SVR and I uploaded over 100 photos, but only a few of the trains, so a photo 0f 7812 passing The Engine House and a Scammell at Bewdley. If you like cars etc. there are plenty of photos.

7812 Highley. 20/02/10. Passing The Engine House

Scammell 3-wheeler at Bewdley in 2010

DHT717 Scammell. Bewdley. 20/02/10

31285 in 2012 on 1Q06 Derby – Didcot at Dorridge

31285 Dorridge. 20/02/12. 1Q06 Derby – Didcot

56078 rolling down through Old Hill in 2014

56078 Old Hill. 20/02/14

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