“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 21st. 2004, 2010 & 2015

A very limited choice today, plenty of cars at SVR 60s events but very few trains. When I have more time I must sort through the road vehicle photos. Firstly, E6005 is seen at Bewdley in 2004, then 43106, 46443 & 7812 in 2010 at Bewdley. Finally a video from the train of the site for the SVR Diesel Depot in 2015.

E6005 at Bewdley, looks like it was a light engine run, as I have no photo of it on a train that day, out of a total of 189 photos.

E6005 Bewdley. 21/02/04

7812 approaches with the “Limited” at Bewdley, passing 46443 & 43106.

43106 46443 & 7812 Bewdley. 21/02/10

A 30 second video filmed from the train shows how the diesel yard looked in 2015 as the area was being prepared for the new depot.

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