Photos and Video, 37521 and 37688, Stourbridge 13/02/20

At last, something interesting round the Dark Side for a change, seems such a dead time of the year! 37521 went to Kidderminster to collect 37688 and take it to Crewe. As usual with me these days, a unit or two, don’t know how much longer the 153s will be in action in this area – so had to film them. As for the Dodger, I was hoping to film it then pan round as the 37 approached, but that didn’t work.

139001, 153334, 153356, 170511, 172213 and 172222 also seen

Link to YouTube video or link to photos in gallery.

Photos below suitable for mobile or tablet. Larger photos in gallery as above.



172222 nearly bowled 37521 approach shot!

37521 and 37688

37688 and 37521




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