Photos and Video, 139001 and 57312, Stourbridge Junction 14/02/20

Great start, 139001 approaches as 57312 rounds the bend, perfect timing. The train started at Tyseley and after running round at Stourbridge the 57 hauled the saloon to Round Oak, probably surveying the route in connection with improving the local rail services. My final clips are at Cradley Heath, I wanted to film from the other platform – but couldn’t risk it!! 172215 and 172343 also seen.


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Photos below suitable for mobile or tablet. Larger photos in gallery as above.



also 172215

172343 Cradley Heath



2 thoughts on “Photos and Video, 139001 and 57312, Stourbridge Junction 14/02/20

  1. Sharpo Post author

    Thanks Matt, I have no idea about the driving controls, but my guess would be no. Vintage Trains are advertising to hire it out on their railtours for upto 23 people, so probably like the ones on the Severn Valley, just for passengers.

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