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A Windows 8 computer replaces the old XP machine.

I suppose it had to happen one day! The old pc kept locking up for no apparent reason, also it didn’t have enough processing power to handle the videos from the camcorder. With this new pc everything happens so fast, and it’s so quiet. It’ll probably use less electricity as well – whenever the old one was working the fan was whirring away very noisily so probably using more power. I had cleaned out all the dust from the fan etc. but it still blew out a lot of hot air. Support for XP finishes soon, so I knew the days of using the old pc safely on the internet were numbered.

Just completed some software updates

Coppermine galleries needed upgrading to 1.5.20.

WordPress blogs needed updating also.

Well that’s taken up a few hours of my time over the past few days. It’s not just updating, but making backups of all the files & databases used – just in case something goes wrong.

I doubt if you will see any differences, but it is always best to make sure the software used is the latest version.

Acer Aspire One A110 running Linux, updating Firefox

After recently updating the BIOS to correct the problem with the flat battery not charging, I decided to try and work out how install a later version of Firefox – as it was running version 2. I know nothing about the Linux operating system, but the instructions I followed made it quite easy to do, and it is now running Firefox 7.0.1.

The instructions here are easy to follow:-

Acer Aspire One A110 battery flat or won’t charge – solution

It’s a handy little netbook, but hadn’t been used during the summer. When I switched it on yesterday – nothing happened. Battery must be flat, I thought, so plugged in the mains lead & it worked. After using it for a while, I unplugged the lead & the netbook went dead. Plugged the lead back in and restarted it, then checked on the state of the battery – it was supposedly 100% charged.

A few searches suggested the BIOS needed updating. There were other suggestions such as removing the battery, holding power on button down for 2 minutes etc. etc. but they didn’t work. So it looked like updating the BIOS. There is a page on the Acer Support site explaining what to do – and it fixed the problem, the battery is now charging again.


For anybody else with the same problem, follow the instructions on the above link.

The new Transport Photos WordPress site – progress

It seems to be going well at the moment. Getting the basic format right from the start is important, then making sure it is easy to use for the largest number of visitors.

Both of the above links go to the home page, the lower one is the direct link, but the top one is set to divert to it.

Plugins have been added for a contact form, also to make the right-hand menu expand & collapse, depending on which section visitors are looking at. The mobile plugin seems to work for my cheap ‘phone and the latest plugin is to add tags to pages for the benefit of search engines.

I know it’s going to take a long time to work through all my albums, but hopefully it should be worth it. Surprising how many photos I’ve forgotten about as I work through the albums!

Replacing my old html sites with new WordPress site

Yes, I’m aware of missing photo captions & all that sort of thing in the galleries, but something that has been bugging me for ages is the state of the old html sites that link to/from the gallery albums. They were never properly fixed after the hacking incident some years ago, and probably before then many of the links did not work.

So, I spent an evening trying to understand how Joomla works. I installed it with sample sites, but didn’t find any templates I was happy with. Then I couldn’t understand how to build my own site, so decided to stay with WordPress.

Rather than mess around with this blog I decided to start another installation of WordPress and base it on pages, rather than blog “posts”. The new site will act as an index to all the gallery albums, along with a few details about the photos in the album.

Many hours have been spent “experimenting” but I think I have a format that will work. At least it will be easier than updating the old style html sites and I can even do the work on any pc – not just the one on which the web site software was installed.

I have also installed a “plugin” which should make it easier to access with a mobile ‘phone. To make the pages download faster there will not be any images, as there are plenty of those in this blog and the galleries. I have included a link to Vidahost, as I’m pleased with their hosting services!

You will notice I have another domain name to use – it made it easier for me whan I changed hosts. Finally, as it has only just been started, only 3 proper links so far – to the first 3 miniature railway albums, but at least you can see how it looks.

The new host is – Vidahost

When I was looking for a new host I looked through the sites for the well-known names, not really happy with what they offered, so tried a few new names. A couple looked fine, but looking in greater detail – still no good. E-mailed another host to check a few things, but still no good.

Finally, came across Vidahost after many hours looking through forums & reviews. A couple of e-mails to their support & the decision was made.

So I’m now with Vidahost. Pages are downloading much faster and hopefully my regular visitors will notice the difference!

So, if you need a host for your site, there’s one I can recommend – click on the link above.

Making good progress in preparations to move to new host

One of my other domains has already been moved – this includes my test gallery. I’m pleased to say the photos in that gallery download much faster, so am looking forward to having the other galleries moved soon.

Just about everything has been uploaded – over 5GB of data and something like 100,000 files! Only one more gallery to check, then the smaller jobs like this blog & my e-mail accounts. After that, alter some DNS settings and wait for the change to take place. Hopefully this will be done in a few days time.

Changing host again soon

Lots of head-scratching & internet searches, but I signed up with a new host a few days ago & have been busy transferring files. Still using the old host at the moment, but testing one of the galleries that I have started installing with the new host and the images load much faster.

Will keep you informed about when the changeover is likely to happen, but you’ll probably notice the increase in speed after it has happened.