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Update 205. Severn Valley Railway Diesel Gala 2009

Two visiting locos, 47580 & 37264 from Tyseley, plus many of the home fleet were in action over the three days.

Unfortunately, trains could not use the loop at Hampton Loade, so trains were not very frequent north of Highley, but a local service ran between Kidderminster & Highley. So at the southern end of the line the trains ran at 40 minute intervals, which was actually a very good service. Trains at Bewdley used the island platform, enabling passengers to easily change trains if they so wished. At Arley there was also plenty of time to change trains – which pleased the diesel enthusiasts, as it gave plenty of opportunity to travel behind a greater number of locos.

There is one album with 281 photos in:-

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Difficult to choose which photo to show here……..

Update 204. Highley footbridge progress, 13/10/09

Trains are no longer running mid-week, so there was opportunity to continue the assembly of Highley footbridge. The sides for the main span of the footbridge were on a goods wagon at Highley during the diesel gala and were due to be lifted into place yesterday. The job for today was to assemble the staircase down onto the platform.

When we arrived the bridge looked complete, with all the metalwork in place, but on closer examination there were no steps on the east side and no walkway across the bridge. There were many planks of wood nearby, so still some work to be done.

20188 was the loco at Highley and the steam crane was also in action, at one point shunting some loaded wagons and the Class 20!

Link to photos from today

This how the bridge looks:-

SVR Diesel Gala, 10th October

5164 & 7812 were also running today for the “ordinary” travellers, but the rest were diesel-hauled.

After sandwiches at Arley, I headed to Highley for a few hours. 37906 took me there, return to Kidder behind 50135.

I’ve sorted the photos from the first 2 days, just those from today still to do.

SVR Diesel Gala, 9th October

Shorter day for me today, starting at Bewdley for the arrival of the 20s on the 09.00 from Kidderminster. Later in the morning we travelled to Arley for lunch & returning on a later train.

Dull weather, but dry – the rain came when I was back home.

09.26 and the shunters arrive at Bewdley with the 09.10 from Kidderminster

An exciting hour at Walsall, including 7 x DRS locos

There were 2 interesting local train moves to see today, a 47 & 37 from Tyseley to the SVR and a DRS convoy from Crewe to Stowmarket. Main problem was my physio appointment at West Bromwich, due to finish at 11.00.

The loco move from Tyseley was due through Bescot at 11.08 which was cutting it fine, but without breaking any speed limits I was at Tame Bridge Parkway by 11.10. No spotters there, so I couldn’t find out if the locos had passed through. I waited 15 minutes, still no locos, so decided to head for Walsall as the DRS locos were due through at 12.15.

Got to Walsall – the Tyseley locos still not arrived. Whilst waiting, a test train passed through, t&t by 37608 & 37607. Half an hour later, 47580 & 37264 passed by, the 37 looking very smart but without any numbers or lettering on the body.

10 minutes later the DRS convoy arrived – 57003, 57007, 20305, 20304 & 37601.

Can’t complain about that hour!!!!!!

New host for web sites

Still working on this. Most of the files have been copied across, but just part of one of the galleries took about 36 hours of continuous ftp uploading.

Soon I will alter the dns settings for one of my minor domains – and if that works I will be one step nearer transferring the galleries.