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Update 951. Video of 37611 & 37602 on 6M56 at Rowley Regis, 06/10/14

It’s Monday, 6M56 runs today, where shall I go? After much thought I decided on Rowley Regis. The train was running a few minutes early and appeared to be running immediately after the stopper, but it was booked to follow a later train, even though it ran through Stourbridge before it. Anyway, I believe it must’ve stopped in Stourbridge loop to let the DMU pass. A couple of DMUs passed through Rowley during the short time I waited, so I filmed them as well.

Link to videos on calendar page

Update 950. Videos of the Severn Valley Railway Diesel Gala, day 1, 02/10/14

I travelled by main line train to Kidderminster to see the first departure from the SVR station to Bridgnorth. I think all the worthwhile videos have now been edited and uploaded, so I will list them so that you can pick any that you wish to view.

View from both sides of Kidderminster footbridge at start of Diesel Gala
37109 departs
D3201 & 12099 depart
40106 shunts stock into the platform road
55019 shunts stock into the platform road
40106 departs, 66188 passes by on a freight to Round Oak
66091 on a freight from Round Oak after 172338 has passed by on main line
50015 just after starting up, then later, heading towards station
12099 & D3201 return
55019 departs
50026 brings empty stock from sidings
50015 departs, DMU arrives
50026 departs

Then by train to Arley
Rhino & elephants in the safari park, bit of a wobbly shot
40106 arrival & departure
D8015 arrives
55019 arrives

Then by train to Highley
D8059 departs
A very distant shot of 3 jets flying over
50026 arrival & departure
50015 arrival & departure
D1015 arrival & departure
40106 arrival & departure
D8059 arrival, and our train back to Kidderminster

On the train:-
Final video, behind D8059 from Bewdley up to the tunnel

I also attended on the second day, but only travelled as far as Bewdley, so there will be some different views there. As yet, the videos have not been edited.