Daily Archives: October 7, 2014

Update 954. Video of 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe climbing Old Hill bank, 04/10/14

I didn’t bother with the morning run, as it was rather wet, but the afternoon return was not to be missed!! Rather a long wait before the loco appears, but it can be heard in the distance as it slogs up the bank. The working was Vintage Trains “The Cotswold Explorer”, Tyseley to Oxford & return.

Link to video on calendar page

Update 953. Videos of 37109, 7812, 50026, 1501 & 2857 at Arley, 05/10/14

I made sure we arrived earlier than usual, as 37109 was bringing the Royal Mail coaches for Santa’s “grotto”. These would be shunted into the yard in between the passing of service trains. All the activity meant I was rather late eating my sandwiches!! The video showing 37109 lasts for about 10 minutes, as there is the arrival, shunting into the yard, the loco running back out and coupling up to the brake van, then finally heading towards Kidderminster. 50026 was taking the place of a steam loc0, but 3 steamers were seen on other train.

Link to videos on calendar page