Daily Archives: October 26, 2014

Update 955 completed. Locos at Stafford, 22/10/14

All the loco videos have now been uploaded. I don’t keep a list of all the locos I’ve seen, well, I try from time to time – although it’s never up to date, but I’m sure I saw plenty of “cops”. 68008 was certainly a new one for me. The filming in the dark was “different”, less people to get in the way is a bonus. I’ll try a few more visits here during the winter months and hope to add more numbers to my incomplete list.

Link to videos on calendar page

Sometime in the future I’ll have a browse through the remaining videos of units and see if any are worth uploading.

Update 955 continued. More videos at Stafford, 22/10/14

The rest of the videos of loco-hauled trains have now been uploaded, the last of which were in the dark. With the evenings getting darker I needed more practise at filming in low light conditions and the last few were on manual focus. Obviously not as good as in sunny conditions but it’s good to get the chance to film at somewhere other than Stourbridge Junction or Arley!!

The locos seen in this update are in the following order:-

86612 & 86627

I’ll add all the numbers, and links to the videos, on a calendar page soon. As there are so many numbers, I’ll put them in numerical order instead of the order in which they were filmed. I will look at the videos of “units” and if any of those seem reasonable then I’ll upload them as well, but there’s no hurry to do that!