Daily Archives: March 8, 2020

Trying a new “contents” plugin

One thing I have always struggled with is making a proper list of photos and linking to them. Years ago I started doing that in this blog but “posts” and “pages” didn’t seem to work so well together in one blog, then I started another blog that concentrated on “pages” instead of regular “posts”.

The next problem was to find a plugin to show the lists. The one I had originally been using had not been updated for years so I searched for a new plugin and found one that does the job quite well. The blog itself has had very little time spent on it in recent years and the list of photos only covers a very small number of my thousands of photos.

You can see how the index looks on this page:-


Looking back at some of my older videos I realise how poor the quality was, never mind, it’s all a memory from the past.