Daily Archives: March 17, 2020

Old Video Index, D8059, 2857 and 34053 Arley, 19/05/13 (also 5164 and 7812)

I’m trying to set up a basic format for posts when adding to the Old Video Index. I reckon the heading above should work, as it shows locos in the videos, the place, date and also other locos seen in photos. It should be more useful than the original blog post in 2013.

The post in this blog will just give the essentials, then if a reader isn’t interested they don’t waste time downloading images. The link will take you to the full details, or at least what I can remember. Time will tell how successful it is.

Link to page in Video Index

Sorry about all the messing about earlier with a link that didn’t show properly, I understand why now!