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Photos and Video, D3022, 7802 & 43106, Kidderminster 17/02/18

The start of the half-term break and trains are running again for the week after the winter closure. It seemed a good excuse to get out for a couple of hours! Thought I was going to be bowled by the shunting move, but it worked out perfectly for me – most unusual! The shunter does take a long time to run past, about 2½ minutes – but you can always skip through it.

Link to YouTube video

Link to photos in gallery for larger screens

Photos below ideal for mobile phones:-

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“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 18th. 2006, 2010, 2011, 2014 & 2015

47712 at Droitwich in 2006, then 46443 at Bewdley in 2010. 66421 and 66423 at Old Hill in 2011, then D1015 at Jewellery Quarter in 2014. Finally a video of 60001 at Stourbridge Junction on the Round Oak empties in 2015. I have so many photos that were never uploaded in my galleries, where do they all come from?

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“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 15th. 2002, 2007, 2010 & 2016

One of my very early digital photos from 2002 of 150101 at Old Hill, then jumping forward to a view of  The Engine House under construction in 2007 and in 2010 at Small Heath 31105 is leaving a hazy exhaust behind it. The big event for me, on video, was the GBRf convoy of 8 locos, including “Evening Star” near Hagley in 2016.

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“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 14th. 2009, 2011, 2013 & 2014

The Severn Valley one for this day is from 2009, a diesel loco was required after a steamer was unavailable at Bridgnorth and D8188 came to the rescue and is seen with a “Thunderbird” headboard! Moving forward to 2011 and 66726 on the Handsworth scrap at Langley Green, first run by GBRf – that failed!. Then Northfield in 2013 to see 56302 and Finally Tyseley in 2014 to see 47501 & 47805.

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“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 13th. 2009, 2012 & 2014

Today the first photo is from Water Orton in 2009, with 4 x 37s in the shot! 37682 37609 37259 & 37605, that was a jammy shot to get those 2 trains passing. Then Leamington in 2014 with 67018 on a Chiltern train. Finally, another shot that never made it to a gallery, 42968 at Folkestone? in 2012 (not really)

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