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6M67 at Longbridge 22nd April

First time I’ve seen the “nuke” for about a year. It passed through at 17.04 hauled by 37087 & 37688.

Also seen were a couple of northbound HSTs – 43301/43303 and 43384/43321, not forgetting a loaded scrap (s/b) hauled by 66177.

Better sort the photos now……

Wrong side of midnight again

Nothing to do with trains this time. Trying to sort out external hard drives full of old files & many backups of photos. If I had a pound for every time I’d tried to be organised – I’d be a rich man.

Still shuffling things around on computer desk which is as untidy as ever – think I’ll keep the external drives in a cupboard somewhere & just plug ’em in when I need to.

May even set up the old slide scanner again, see if I can find any good old photos. Probably loads of old ones, but not many good ones.

SVR 19th April

Overlooking Victoria Bridge, waiting for 71000, due through Arley about 1.30ish.

Other locos running – 4566, 7802 and 42968

This was originally posted “on location” waiting for the train to cross the bridge. Broadband coverage up the Valley isn’t too good, and does not work at Arley station, but checking the Vodafone coverage map the signal does improve up above the station near the farm houses.

We did the usual walk along the river to see 71000 on the first train from Bridgnorth, the LMS set with 10 on, including the Venturer as it was a Sunday. We saw the next train at Arley station, hauled by 4566 on the maroon set. As it was a lovely sunny day, we had a walk around the garden & waited to see the other 2 trains running. Unusually, the first one in was from the Bridgnorth direction, 7802 on the teaks, then a few minutes later 42968 from Kidderminster on the “Limited” GW set.

Finally, a walk up the lane for the view overlooking Victoria Bridge, to see the Duke return.

Now the decorating is over, I ought to get on with sorting photos again, but mustn’t forget there is still a door to sand down & paint – but that is a job for the garden, as I don’t want dust everywhere in this smart room!

SVR 18th April & 71000

71000 11.38 departure from Arley to Kidderminster with the LMS set, saw this from down by the river.

7802 on next train to Bridgnorth from Arley, with a headboard “Mrs. Cartwright’s Birthday Special”, saloon & teak set.

4566 was 3rd loco, passing through at about 1pm with a train for Kidderminster.

As it was a sunny day, we headed off down to the river to see 71000 pass by on the next Bridgnorth train.

Not easy getting a broadband connection around Arley, so a brief e-mail was posted later on in the day. Finally edited & moved to appropriate category in the early hours of Sunday morning

SVR 16th April & a wet Bewdley

It was chucking it down with rain, we sat eating our lunch as 5164 came in on a train from Kidderminster. The DMU was parked at platform 2, & it was impossible to see what was on the front of the train from Bridgnorth as it entered platform 3. Had the weather been sunny, we would have probably waited for the trains to come & go before ordering our food. It wasn’t though, our stay was just long enough for food & drink.

Painting finished (almost)

Window sill had the coat of gloss paint applied today. Tomorrow the curtains go back up, so we will be back to normal.

Just one thing, took the door off the hinges, that still needs rubbing down & painting. A job for outside to avoid the dust blowing round the house, but as the forecast isn’t good – it can wait for a few days.