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SVR 22nd November. Thunderbird 1 in action!

Same plan as yesterday. Walk to Bewdley station, 46443 trundling past in the distance on FE. 42968 was on our train with 9 coaches, proving to be a bit of a struggle – as it was still very off-beat. 7812 crossed with our train at Arley, then 42968 “slowly” moved off towards Highley. As it headed up the valley it sounded slow, partly because only alternate beats could be heard. Bet the climb out of Highley was difficult!!

After a walk down to the river we headed back to Arley station. 42968 did manage to reach Bridgnorth, but would not be making the 2nd round trip & D8188 (carrying Thunderbird 1 headboard) was attached to the rear of 7812’s train at Kidderminster to take over the Mogul’s train. Our train came in behind 5764 & we returned to Bewdley for yet another walk back to the car in the rain. Not quite as bad as yesterday though.

SVR 21st November

Due to the wet weather, a change of plan! Instead of driving to Arley we headed for the picnic site south of Bewdley, then KC would get her walk to Bewdley station before we caught the train to Arley. 46443 was seen in the distance on the Footplate Experience crossing the Bewdley by-pass.

KC doesn’t often go to Bewdley with us these days, as we cannot take her in the buffet, but it was dry & we were able to have a drink outside – and she met some of her friends on the station!

4566 was on the 12.15 to Arley, 7812 arriving soon after we had crossed the bridge to head for the kiosk for our sandwiches. After lunch we walked down to the river, good job we hadn’t tried to park at Arley as the access to the car park was under several inches of water – the river was rather high! Then it started chucking it down, so back to the station. 42968 was on the next train from Bridgnorth, which took us back to Bewdley.

Update 226. Freightliner Powerhaul 70001 photos at Walsall on 20th November 2009

Headed across to Walsall, hoping it might be running today. Looking through e-group messages on the train, I saw a posting saying it had left Lawley Street. My train arrived at Walsall & I crossed over to platform 1 & within about 5 minutes I could see it approaching through the tunnel.

Quite exciting really seeing it slowly appear from the tunnel! Anyway, when it arrives at Walsall, it only stays for about 5 minutes, time for the crew to change ends or whatever they do, then returns to Lawley Street.

Time for a sandwich & cuppa before heading for Ryecroft Junction to wait for the second run of the day. Sure enough it returned, slowly heading for Walsall, then the rain came, but fortunately it eased off before the 70 returned.

You need to see it from various angles really, not half as bad as it looked in those original photos. Looks a bit lonely on its own, need to see it hauling a train now.

That’s it – just another diesel……

Link to photos

So, here it is…………

47769 & 47749 at Dorridge on 6Z48

My regular Thursday outing to see the empty steel train from Burton hauled by the above Class 47s. It was running a bit late and I found it rather cold on the footbridge south of Dorridge station, also noticed the footbridge will be closed at the end of November for maintenance/replacement or whatever.

So, out for 2 days on the trot, will I make it a hat trick and see something tomorrow?

31285 & 31465 on 1Z12 at Kings Norton

I was in Birmingham this morning & knew about the above train, but didn’t think I would get there in time to see it. Fortunately my appointment didn’t last as long as expected & I was able to see it. As yet, not looked at the photos, but I’m sure they’ll be OK.

Will post a “photo update” when done.

Nothing to do with Class 31s, but the new Class 70 was out briefly today. I won’t bust a gut for a photo, but if the opportunity arises & it doesn’t cost me money – then I’ll try & see it.

Update 223. 6024, 6695, 9466 & 9600 (and more) on the SVR, 14th November

A brilliant day for what might have looked like an “ordinary” Saturday. 6024 being prepared, 6695 also seen, plus the main line train arriving with 9466 & 9600. Also photographed working – 5764, 4566, 5164, 7812 & D8188. Didn’t take photos of 42968 or 46443, even though they were in action.

Link to photos

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