Daily Archives: November 20, 2009

Update 226. Freightliner Powerhaul 70001 photos at Walsall on 20th November 2009

Headed across to Walsall, hoping it might be running today. Looking through e-group messages on the train, I saw a posting saying it had left Lawley Street. My train arrived at Walsall & I crossed over to platform 1 & within about 5 minutes I could see it approaching through the tunnel.

Quite exciting really seeing it slowly appear from the tunnel! Anyway, when it arrives at Walsall, it only stays for about 5 minutes, time for the crew to change ends or whatever they do, then returns to Lawley Street.

Time for a sandwich & cuppa before heading for Ryecroft Junction to wait for the second run of the day. Sure enough it returned, slowly heading for Walsall, then the rain came, but fortunately it eased off before the 70 returned.

You need to see it from various angles really, not half as bad as it looked in those original photos. Looks a bit lonely on its own, need to see it hauling a train now.

That’s it – just another diesel……

Link to photos

So, here it is…………