Daily Archives: November 22, 2009

Update 229. Thunderbird 1 to the rescue (on the Severn Valley Railway)

I only took my camera just in case I saw something worthwhile. It turned out there was something of interest, D8188 was towed to Bridgnorth at the rear of a service train behind 7812, to replace 42968 which was having problems – it had been very off-beat and was obviously struggling with a 9 coach train.

You will note the “Thunderbird 1” headboard on the Class 20!

Link to photos

Even the snowman was smiling!!!!!

SVR 22nd November. Thunderbird 1 in action!

Same plan as yesterday. Walk to Bewdley station, 46443 trundling past in the distance on FE. 42968 was on our train with 9 coaches, proving to be a bit of a struggle – as it was still very off-beat. 7812 crossed with our train at Arley, then 42968 “slowly” moved off towards Highley. As it headed up the valley it sounded slow, partly because only alternate beats could be heard. Bet the climb out of Highley was difficult!!

After a walk down to the river we headed back to Arley station. 42968 did manage to reach Bridgnorth, but would not be making the 2nd round trip & D8188 (carrying Thunderbird 1 headboard) was attached to the rear of 7812’s train at Kidderminster to take over the Mogul’s train. Our train came in behind 5764 & we returned to Bewdley for yet another walk back to the car in the rain. Not quite as bad as yesterday though.