Daily Archives: November 14, 2009

SVR 14th November

Wet this morning, so no walk along the river but straight to Arley station. The camera stayed in the bag as 42968 arrived, sounding very off-beat, with the first train from Kidderminster. After sandwiches, my plan was to head for Kidderminster to see the Panniers arrive later in the day. Margaret & KC headed back to the car & I caught the train to Bewdley behind 5164.

At Bewdley, 6024 was being prepared to work on Sunday & 6695 could be seen in the distance on the Stourport siding. After a cuppa & warming myself in front of the open fire in the waiting room, I waited for the SVR double-header – 5764 & 4566, which would work the 10 coach train arriving off the main line.

At Kidderminster I heard the special was running late, but took my place on the footbridge. Eventually 9600 & 9466 arrived in the main line station. Minutes later they were away & beyond the footbridge before reversing, then crossing onto the SVR, finally reversing the stock into the SVR station. After uncoupling, 5764 & 4566 were coupled to the train, finally heading for Bridgnorth.

A 60 & a 66 were also seen on engineers trains heading south through Kidderminster.

I’m sure there will be some photos soon!!