Daily Archives: November 21, 2009

SVR 21st November

Due to the wet weather, a change of plan! Instead of driving to Arley we headed for the picnic site south of Bewdley, then KC would get her walk to Bewdley station before we caught the train to Arley. 46443 was seen in the distance on the Footplate Experience crossing the Bewdley by-pass.

KC doesn’t often go to Bewdley with us these days, as we cannot take her in the buffet, but it was dry & we were able to have a drink outside – and she met some of her friends on the station!

4566 was on the 12.15 to Arley, 7812 arriving soon after we had crossed the bridge to head for the kiosk for our sandwiches. After lunch we walked down to the river, good job we hadn’t tried to park at Arley as the access to the car park was under several inches of water – the river was rather high! Then it started chucking it down, so back to the station. 42968 was on the next train from Bridgnorth, which took us back to Bewdley.